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Scott Osborne – Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach

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Make a positive lifestyle change. Lose some extra pounds. Become more active. Feel and look great.

Scott Osborne is a personal trainer in Essex who can help you on your journey to fitness. No matter your age or fitness level, Scott is here to motivate, support and challenge you. Scott’s bespoke fitness and nutrition programme is designed around your lifestyle, age, ability and gender.

Every journey begins with a single step..

Did you know that exercise is one of the more effective ways of preventing stress?

Make a positive change to your life. Unlock your potential. Feel good. Look great. Stay healthy.

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– With any block booking of 10 or more Personal Training sessions, you receive one free group fitness class for you and a friend.
– Why not split the cost of Personal Training sessions with a friend. Prices from £20 per person for a single session up to £175 for 10 sessions (to be used within a 12 week period).

Personal Training Gift Vouchers

Are you stuck for a gift for a friend or relative?
Why not buy them a gift that will improve their quality of life and help them feel healthier and happier – with their very own personal trainer.
Please contact me to buy a gift voucher for a single session or a block of sessions. Gift vouchers last up to 3 months from purchase.

Essex Personal Trainer
The benefits of PT sessions

Lose weight and transform into a healthier and more active YOU. Scott’s personal training sessions will help you trim any unwanted and excess fat.

Weight Loss
Self Motivation

PT sessions are not just about exercise, it is about mindset. Train your brain to become a more motivated and successful person.

Get the very best nutritional advice tailored to your personal needs. Gain inside tips from fitness professional, Scott Osborne. Who says healthy food cannot be fun?

Nutritional Advice
Fitness Testing

Test your fitness to determine your growth. Discover real results. Push your body past it’s comfort zone. Learn to do the impossible.

Improve your strength.
Increase your confidence. Achieve real results and measure your growth. How far can you go?

Strength Training

Improve your cardio level with Scott’s dedicated running programmes. Increase your vitality. Feel good and look great.

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Nutritional Advice

Twenty-first century lifestyles tend to make us eat more calorie dense food than we should. Busy schedules often has us skipping meals or eat on the go. It can be difficult to keep to routines when faced with increasing pressure from home or work. It seems that barely a week goes by without a new wonder diet being heralded by the media or celebrities.

The simple fact is that weight loss or weight control can be achieved by eating a balanced diet where carbohydrates and proteins provide most of the calories and a smaller amount comes from fats.

Nutritional advice is included in SOGETFIT’s personal training fitness packages. Scott can educate regarding the right foods and give you the best chance to start and maintain good habits, whilst avoiding the triggers that lead to bad ones. Small changes in your dietary habits can make huge differences to your lifestyle, overall health and longevity.

Scott Osborne is a personal trainer in Essex who has a track record of results.

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